Antique Karabagh Kazak c. 1810-20s (225x176cm)


The carpet is beautifully preserved with hardly any wear for a 180+/- year old artifact . Given the vibrant colours and the general condition of the carpet, its age was established by the topicality of the French Rose motif (1800) .

‘A special group of patterns is represented, appearing in the first half of the nineteenth century, by those carpets from Karabagh, Kuba, and Derbend which were knotted for the French-style furnishings of Russian and rich native patrons, with rows of little bunches of roses – often in medallion or rocaillerie frames.’  (-) Reinhard G.Hubel The Book of Carpets (Praeger Publishers, New York 1970)





Early 1900s  Karabagh 225x176cm
The two-lozenge pole medallion set in brilliant sunset red features the so-called ‘gul frange’ – French or simply foreign rose very popular in the region from the beginning of the 19th century  onward.

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