Persian Bohara c. 1970s (210x110cm)



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Gonbad-e Qabus Runner  Second half of the 20th century

The town of Gonbad-e Qabus  was once a significant marketplace for the goods brought here by the many Turkoman tribes from the steppes north of the border.

In time, however, the inhabitant of Gonbad-e Qabus, created their own staple design often referred to by rug merchants as ‘the Persian Bohara.’

‘The design of this north-Persian rug derives from Turkoman ornament. Rows of stylized ‘Salor’ güls alternate with large cross-shaped ornaments distantly related to Turkoman chuval güls.’ (-) Erich Aschenbrenner ‘Oriental Rugs – Persian Volume 2 p. 253-54

Disregarded by the Turkoman rugs collectors as not genuine, Gonbad-e Qabus rugs have never enjoyed any commercial popularity.

Structurally and in overall appearance, they are related to Beluch rugs, but then again they are not genuine enough to attract the Beluch studies scholars.

Here is a rare and interesting Gonbad-e Qabus rug in our collection.

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