Antique Anatolian Ada Melas Rug (208x120cm)




A beautiful second-half of the 19th century Melas rug from Muğla province in southwestern Anatolia.

This particular prayer design replicates the original 16th century Melas rugs referred to as Ada Melas rugs.


Melas rugs are produced in villages around the ancient city of Melas in western Turkey’s. Mugla province.

It is believed that the distinctive prayer rug design emerged as early as the 16th century.

Several rugs dating to that period and in this design can be in fact found in the Transylvanian churches in Romania.

The classic Melas prayer rugs are characterised by a narrow main field with niche surrender by multiple borders. Often times, Melas rugs are referred to as all-borders design rugs.

Melas rugs in prayer design feature a myriad of rich colours with cochineal reds and purples. .

Other, abstract or medallion design Melas rugs are viewed as a later, namely 19th century   invention.


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