Antique Gymyl/Kuba c. 1880s (271x144cm)


This impressive specimen comes from the small village of Gymyl

with two distinctive Chontsha medallions (gift on the table) –

on the blue main field. A relatively dense field of secondary motifs

Animal motifs, rhombuses, colorful rosettes, amulets and other ornaments.

Bright main border with so-called saw blade and chalice motifs.

Typical flat weave Shirazi (sides) with blue cotton.

Typical braided lower edge and upper edge, the dark fringe

are original and not stained, because it is an undyed chain (see photos).

Age: around 1900

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Large and beautiful Caucasian rug from the village of Gymyl in Kuba district.  Late 19th or early 20th century masterpiece from the Caucasus

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