Antique Kouhi Afshar Rug (195×148 cm) c. 1920s


This rug shows a genuine nomadic work for tribal domestic use and likely not intended for sale at bazaars

The seemingly poorly executed lozenge pole medallion may suggest a deliberate concept when scrutinized. The bottom (deformed) lozenge encompasses a smaller diamond pole medallion while the top one constitutes the classic Afshar gûl.

What is typically tribal about this rare ethnographic artifact, apars from its rather obscure provenance, is its asymmetry, and the use of anthropomorphic motifs. Only the rich multi-layered border suggests some degree of urban influence.



Very rare and beautiful  Persian  all-wool  rug attributed to the small off-shoot of the Afshar people from the Zagroz mountains.


The so called Kouhi Afshar rugs are extremely rare. A small group of the Afhar tribe residing in

the Jebalbarez district of Kerman Province is known to have produced mainly animal trapping which appear occasionally on the bazaars in  Kerman.

Because of their unusual characteristic (untypicality), they were often referred to as ‘rugs from beyond the mountain’ (posht-e kuhi = over the hill).

Natural vegetable dyes only




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