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The Luri

Luri mother and child 

The Luri (or Lurs) are a nomadic tribe of shepherds inhabiting the valleys of the Zagros Mountains in south-western Iran, a large area they share with other pastoral tribes.

They are believed to be the indigenous peoples of the region; they speak  Iranian dialects: Luri and/or Laki; the first being related to Persian; the latter to Kurdish.

As other nomadic tribes, the Luri are renowned for their beautiful wool carpets: nomadic rugs called the Luri Behbehan rugs, which are made entirely of wool; and the Khorramabad rugs  with predominantly all-over patterns and, often, beautifully braided fringes

Most Luri Behbehan rugs feature bold geometric nomadic motifs, while the Khorramabad rugs often display busier patterns in more restrained colour schemes.

All Luri carpets are made exclusively by women;  men may be only involved in collecting and preparation of materials for the dyeing process.

Antique Luri runner in our collection

‘The story of the Lurs is one of strength and beauty, courage and pride, discrimination and prejudice, humiliation and poverty.
Yet the luster of their weavings shows through the mists of time, like the glint of precious gemstones from beneath a heavy haze of dirt and grime. Long neglected and marginally collected, the weaving of the Lurs can rightfully be claimed to be as elegant, colorful, timeless and striking as that of their better-known neighbors.’

(-) Alluring Luris, Denizens of the Zagros by Patrick Weiler … read here

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