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How to Place a Rug at Home

Over the years, designs of our homes changed. Homes grew smaller in size and rooms changed shapes to accommodate modern lifestyles.

When buying an antique rug, fitting it into a modern home may represent a challenge.

Here are some ideas that may make the process less frustrating.

Choosing the right size is of course of the foremost importance;  the right design however is the key to a succesful installation of the rug.

The so-called ‘all-over’ (floral or geometric) design is most suitable for rooms with floating furniture and limited open space. A coffee or dining-table does not cover here what would otherwise be a medallion – the main decorative element of the ‘Medallion and Corners/Niche’ design rugs.

As a result of a wrong rug design selection, the coffee table ‘hides’ the beautiful medallion in this extraordinary Senneh rug.

A glass table, as the one designed by the Italian architect/designer Marco Zanusso, may be a solution:

Italian Dining Table from 1970s by Marco Zanuso for Zanotta | The Kairos  Collective UK

A higher budget however allows for installation of a larger carpet providing the most desirable effect.

A large all-over floral design Senneh becomes the foundation for floating furnirure. The so-called negative space frames the carpet and provides plenty of walking space for doors to be opened and closed and allows for easy foot traffic within the room

Doors represent a major challenge in home décor design concerning the proper and tasteful installation of a rug.

This is particularly difficult in bedrooms which are typically smaller in size. A conventional rug may not work on the sides of the bed.

A horizontal placement is visually more pleasing but far from being perfect.

No photo description available.

A large and opulent rug may provide better comfort and add warmth.

No photo description available.

The following is an example of an ideal rug placement in a modern home environment (1-bedroom condominium flat) All rugs are Qashqai tribal rugs in a multitude of colours.
With the exception of rugs 4 and 5, 3 others rugs can be alternated each and every time walls are re-painted or furniture replaced.

This approach will extend the rugs longevity (except for 4 and 5) and protect our investment.

The cost of acquisition of the suggested rugs would likely not exceed the cost of furnishing of a bathroom or kitchen (approx. £5500)

All Qashqai tribal all wool Persian rugs: 1x 220x160cm, 2x 200x300cm,
1x 180x100cm, 1x 65x45cm.

to be continued …

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