Antique Kazak Borchalou (120x140cm)


The colours are magnificent and slightly muted; the archaic design and genuine Caucasian whimsicality.

This rug will suit modern and ultra-modern home decor. It is a highly collecticable artifact

These highly collectible squarish Caucasian rugs appeared on the scene  in 1971  as part of an exhibit curated by Raul ‘Mike’ Tschebull’s  and the accopanying catalogue . They have been sought after ever since. A very similar rug was consquently sold it Soetheby’s in New York for 17 000 usd.


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A small-format Caucasian Borchalou rug in the classic double-lozenge design.  The condition of the carpet is very good; no structural damage, nor deformation with  some old repairs
Origin: the Caucasus
Size: 140x120cm
Material: all-wool
Age: +140

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